MAMA plus  

Fitness for pregnant women to help them remain fit, prepare to the delivery and facilitate post-delivery fitness regaining. Improved frame of mind and endorphins release through relax and breathing exercises are just some advantages offered by the classes.

Coach: Marlena


The workouts are based on “multi-joint” exercises to improve overall fitness. The exercises help to retain the appropriate body posture. The workout is great for everyone, regardless of gender, level or discipline.

Coach: Paweł


This workout burns a lot of calories, improves the silhouette and releases immense amounts of endorphins. It is a perfectly balanced combination of dancing and fitness.

Coach: Jakub


Breathing, relaxing and stretching exercises to relaxing music. They use elements of classic yoga and pilates. Stretching is great for the whole body. It stretches all muscle groups, makes them more flexible and increases joint mobility.

Coach: Jakub


Workout using a platform or step. Exercises which help us burn many calories and fat. The classes improve your fitness and strength of your leg and arm muscles. A perfect dose of positive energy.

Classes type: cardio

Coach: Marlena


The workout promoting efficient modelling of your silhouette, increased resistance, strengthening muscles, tendons and joints.

Classes type: cardio

Coach: Marlena


Thai martial art. The exercises are great for the immune, cardiovascular and respiratory system. They also reduce stress symptoms, shape the silhouette and reduce the risk of injuries. MT workout does not create excess muscle mass.

Coach: Dawid